Frequently asked

Does stump grinding produce a lot of chips?

Small, less than 20cm stumps don’t produce much chips, but over 60cm stumps can produce over one cubic meter, or 10 waste sacks. We can remove the waste at a cost.

How much does tree felling cost?

We evaluate and provide written offers free of charge. We often discuss goals and suggest different solutions.

There is a lump / bug / polypore in the tree, is it necessary to fell the tree?

Listed symptoms are often signs of a serious problem, but each tree needs to be evaluated separately. The situation depends a lot on the tree species, tree structure, location, etc. We will be happy to make an estimate and offer the necessary measures.

We are having our yard renovated, how do we protect the trees?

The protection depends a lot on the tree species and the size of the tree. It is important, amongst other things, to protect the groud surface near the tree if heavy machinery will be operated in the area. You can not do excavation work near the tree without permanently damaging it. We will be happy to evaluate the situation and draw up a wood protection plan.

How much does stump grinding cost?

We are happy to provide an offer after evaluating the site. The price per stump is smaller if there are a lot of stumpss (more than 10). The size and location of the stump also affect the price.

How wide is the passageway required by the stump grinder?

The large machine requires a 90cm wide gate. The smaller one need less than 70cm. There is also a portable grinder for small stumps.

Can I sow a lawn over the grinded stump?


The tree is leaning, will it fall?

It is alarming if the position of the tree changes, especially if the roots rise on the "back" of the tilt. On the other hand, the tree that is tilted may be in as good a balance as a vertical tree.

Apple tree harvest is weak, what can be done?

Apples and leaves need light and moving air to develop favorably, so it is worth pruning the trees once a year in February-March.

Can plant a new tree where the stump was?

Yes, as long as the old stump is fully removed.

How deep can the stump grinder reach?

The normal milling depth is 15cm, but you can reach about 30cm if necessary.